Welcome to Torigemat!

If you are looking for a professional Arabic-to-English translator who can deliver high quality translation and at an affordable price, then you have come to the right place! Our team is at your service.

About us:

Torigemat is a team devoted to translating wisdom into Arabic. Years being in this field built our expertise to a high level. We offer both general and specialized translation, also subtitling (with integrity preserved of course; we do not claim the ability to translate something we are unable to translate).

Content we have translated:

– Some of Seneca’s Moral Letters
– The Ten Commandments: What You Should Know by PragerU (video series)
– Luxury Beliefs by Rob Henderson
– The Loss Of Memory And Attention by George J Thomas (Quintus Curtius)
– Why You Need to Read Dostoyevsky by Prof. Jordan Peterson

And many more.

Our features:

– Translators with more than 6 years of experience
– Affordable price: we charge less than the minimum rate (English > Arabic)
– Our team has skilled proofreaders; we save you the costs of proofreading
– The use of high quality software (such as Trados, memoQ, and Wordfast) for effective translation
– We provide audiovisual translation
– Punctuality and integrity; we are committed to deadlines and do not claim the ability to translate something we are incapable of translating accurately

How to book:

1. Contact us through this website or email us at [email protected]
2. Attach the text you would like us to translate from English to Arabic
3. We will agree on a price after discussion of time and level of expertise required
4. We start translating as soon as you place a token payment (no less then 25%) through whatever payment method you prefer

So get in touch now!

Terms of service:

1. When agreed to the booking conditions and the translator started working on the assigned text, token payment cannot be refunded
2. After completion of work, a sample is sent to you, if it meets your requirements, you pay the full cost to receive the complete and finalized document
3. Once you pay the full cost, the translated text is fully yours but if you cancel your order you do not acquire any ownership or rights to the translation (all rights to the content are reserved by us)